Technologie-Zentrum Visitec

In our Visitec development centre, we work with you to develop innovative solutions that increase your market opportunities in an economical, precise and future-proof way. In addition, we offer services that will help you in the long term: Whether it’s about creating the best possible conditions for innovative development, or to test and certify your products, we can find ways to sustainably maximize your added value.

As a partner, we support you with coordinated solutions and service packages.

Product development

We develop products for the future today, using the latest technologies and materials to ensure that our customers obtain at least the state of the art or even better.


During one-day workshops we provide an overview of innovations, the state of the art, rules and regulations and ideas for your range of products.

Do you have an idea for a product?
We can work out a concept with you
for implementing the project and making it reality as part of a one-day workshop.


Do you need to adapt an existing product to new building regulations, methods of use or a new product system? We can implement this project together with you in a half-day workshop.

We can deliver the first prototype for your new product idea within 5 working days.

Tested quality

In our fully equipped laboratories we test our proven products and new developments to the limit to ensure maximum performance when
they are installed later.


Do you need a technical assessment of your own products or competitor’s products? Compile your testing programme from our catalogue together with us. We carry out testing according to generally used standards.

Geprüfte Qualität Pruefprotokoll

Standards or standard tests do not yet exist for many properties. We suggest individual solutions for
analysing properties which are not yet regulated.

Geprüfte Qualität Zulassungen

In many countries, evidence according to ETA or other regulations for sealing
tiles is required in order to comply with standards. Jaeger components form a important part of systems for sealing below tiles.

Do you need test reports or approvals from neutral testing institutes? We can find the right testing institute and contact partner and assist in ordering the tests.

Application technology

Our Application Technology department provides assistance with expert assessments, professional product training and tests in compliance with national and international requirements.

If you need support on the construction site or in your application technology, simply let us know your requirements and we help you to find a solution.

Anwendungstechnik Verarbeitungstrainings

Do your technical staff or Sales department need support with the use of our products? Do you want to train your customers? Our one-day training gives you the necessary knowledge for optimum use of our products.


(e.g. ETA, abP, ANSI): Our team can help you with implementation of national and international approvals. We can provide a workflow and our Application Technology can give you many practical hints.

Technologie-Zentrum Visitec

Whether for standardised or customised construction chemistry system tests – we perform system
tests according to general standards or individual requirements. Compatibility tests give you confidence that the product harmonises with general or particular building materials.

Technical centre

Our Technology Centre provides our customers
with all the technologies which they require to develop innovative products. Be our guest and partner and carry out your development with us.

Technologie-Zentrum Visitec Ausstattung

You have an idea for a product and want to take part in its development and directly influence its features. In our Technology Centre you have the opportunity to implement your innovative ideas in a product which is ready for series production.

Neue Technologien

If new technologies are not available, the Technology Centre provides an opportunity to set these up with test devices or in cooperation with our Engineering department.

Visitec Technologie-Zentrum

We can implement some product ideas even during your first visit. In our Technology Centre we offer laboratory facilities which are close to series production conditions and can rapidly produce samples without long scheduling times.

Product know-how.

Documents provide the information which our customers need for professional use of products. We provide the legally required documentation for our products, e.g. technical data sheets, safety data sheets, test reports, etc.

We protect our inventions to create an advantage for our customers. We regularly review and secure our protective rights and can also assist you in the registration of protective rights, e.g. patents etc.

Building Information Modelling describes a method for optimised planning, implementation and
management of buildings and other structures with the aid of a handover standard. In the near future we will be able to provide you with product-related BIM models.

We assist you in answering of approval-relevant questionnaires and environment-related evaluations, e.g. ”Obtainments of health and environmental data”.

We will be please to assist you with the production of technical dossiers and we deliver technical CAD product drawings.