Jaeger. Protect.

Reliable partnership.
Jaeger preserves and protects values.

Jaeger. Strengthen.

Making good things even better.
Jaeger creates additional safety.

Jaeger. Innovate.

Change perspectives.
Create something new.

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With almost 100 years of experience, Jaeger manufactures products based on textile and plastic components for many industrial applications. They fulfil important functions in complete systems: Reinforcing, sealing, coating, laminating, bonding and edging. We develop customized solutions – according to customer requirements from the building materials, footwear, leather goods and automotive industries.

We complete our
Customers‘ Systems.

Most of our products are characterized by the fact that they are not visible in the end product. They work. Unobtrusive. They contribute to functionality and durability. And are therefore an integral part of our customers’ business success. That’s why all our components are the main thing for us. No matter how small they may be and how minor a role they play in our customers’ overall system or product – for us, they take center stage.


As a family business, we make long-term decisions and offer our employees the confidence and stability to realize even unconventional ideas. We currently employ more than 250 people in Germany and a further 250 in our branches abroad.


Wherever our customers manufacture, Jaeger also delivers. We have branches and production facilities in many regions around the world. This ensures reliable availability of goods and logistics. Our production facilities are designed to be fail-safe and redundant. The origins of our company lie in Wuppertal and this is still the central company headquarters today. From here, we coordinate the activities of our international production facilities and sales offices.


As a company that focuses on the long term, Jaeger sees it as part of its responsibility to use resources prudently. One of our milestones: by 2030, our global production will be climate-neutral. But that is by no means everything.

Our Core Values.

Jaeger is a family company with a long-term, sustainable approach to business. Characterized by trust, responsibility, reliability, openness and honesty – towards our employees, customers and suppliers. And towards the environment. These are values which we consider important. They determine the development, production and sale of our products. And we gladly comply with this obligation in all respects. Our claim to be an impulse provider requires a high degree of performance orientation and willingness to change.

Philipp Jaeger


René Krieger


René Kinle

Philipp Jaeger has been with Jaeger since 1995. He’s one of five family shareholders and manages the company along with René Krieger, the CTO, and René Kinle, CFO. Philipp is responsible for customers and products. The three are supported by a four-member advisory board. Philipp's mission is to move the company forward with new product solutions and further internationalisation.
“Protect. Strengthen. Innovate. – This is how I help shape the future of our company, which will be 100 years old this year. Our focus is always on our customers and our employees. My daily goal is to give them the satisfaction of a long-term working relationship with Jaeger. ”
René Krieger has been Jaeger’s Managing Director since 2020 and manages the company with Philipp Jaeger (CSO) and René Kinle (CFO). He is responsible for human resources management and production including servicing and purchasing, as well as IT. He’s also responsible for Jaeger Engineering GmbH, our internal engineering company, which promotes innovation throughout the group and facilitates capacity expansion. The company management is supported by a four-member advisory board. René's mission is to give customers what they want: quality Jaeger products with a strong supply chain and innovative manufacturing processes.
“With my passion for organisational development, digitalisation and automation, we are transforming Jaeger from a German family-run business with international sites into an international company with German roots. Together with our dedicated professional teams, we set new standards and our global locations make sure we stay ahead of the curve. ”
René Kinle has been with Jaeger since 2018 and manages the company together with Philipp Jaeger (CSO) and René Krieger (CTO). He is responsible for the areas of finance and controlling. The three are supported by a four-member advisory board. René's mission is to strengthen the company through strategic financial management, to promote innovation and to ensure the highest standards in all financial activities.
“I am shaping the future of our company under the motto 'Grow together'. The focus is always on our customers and employees. Together with our dedicated employees, I want to achieve new successes every day and create a positive working environment.”