New. Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane Post Applied

Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane Post Applied (FMB-PA) is a new sealing system used for post applied waterproofing of areas of concrete construction in contact with the ground. It is applied cold to hardened concrete or to precast concrete elements by means of a self-adhesive coating. The membrane is made of a flexible polyolefine FPO and modified polyethylene.

Product advantages

  • Can be combined and supplemented with the Doubleflex FBV fresh concrete system
  • Efficient installation due to peel & stick principle
  • Full-surface, highly flexible, crack-bridging waterproofing system
  • No backward water leakage of the waterproofing
  • Clean subsequent application
  • No hot bonding / welding required
  • Complete system with accessories
  • Durable waterproofing

Why you need the Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane-Post Applied?
The Doublestick FBM-PA, with its self-adhesive hotmelt coating, can be easily and quickly applied to already dried concrete surfaces by peeling off the release, providing a waterproof seal to the application area. The membrane is applied cold. The application is suitable for single-layer waterproofing of concrete structures in contact with the ground against ground moisture, non-accumulating seepage water and water load.