New. Peel & Stick System

The Peel & Stick System is a practical solution for a simple and quick to apply waterproofing system for bathrooms and / or wet rooms indoors. No additional adhesive is required to install the kit’s components. Due to the butyl coating on the back of the membrane, the components can be easily applied to the substrate by peeling off the release film. Applied with overlapping areas, the system provides a waterproofing solution for flexible joint sealing. Due to the front side coating of the film with non-woven, it is possible to proceed directly with tiling.

Product advantages

  • Available in kit and as individual accessories
  • No need to use extra adhesives
  • No drying time
  • Easy and quick assembly of the components
  • Complete system solution with all necessary sealing elements
  • Only the release film needs to be removed for installation
  • Immediately ready for tiling after installation

Product properties

  • Fleece made of polypropylene
  • Membrane made of polyethylene or polypropylene
  • Self-adhesive butyl rubber
  • Waterproof composite seal

Why you need the Peel & Stick system?

The Peel & Stick system is suitable for waterproofing in bathroom areas due to its simple and quick installation. The easy application makes it possible to seal the application areas without any problems.