Opportunities at Jaeger.
Joint success.

As a company with an international focus we have a tradition of cooperating with people of different origins, languages, cultures, religions and mentalities. In Germany we currently employ 300 staff from many different countries. A further 300 employees work in our branch offices abroad. The distinguishing feature of these staff from more than 20 different countries is their motivation to give their best. And the open and straightforward manner in cooperating with each other combined with appreciation for the work of others. They are dedicated and bring their own ideas into the company. Most of our employees have worked for Jaeger for many years. This ensures stability and continuity, both within and outside of the company. It is the employees who determine the success of a company, although modern machinery is, of course, important as well. And not to overlook the company’s organisation. However, the ultimate deciding factor consists in the people behind the technology.


Jaeger pursues a corporate policy with long-term goals. We do everything to provide exceptional benefits for our customers. In the final analysis, however, people are the determining factor. We believe that competent and committed staff are crucial and make the difference in order to ensure the success of Jaeger in future as well.

Attractive, performance-based remuneration, including a special annual salary payment as well as vacation pay, a company health promotion scheme and a company pension scheme are just as natural for us as a friendly, fair and collegial culture that thrives on communication.

Company pension scheme

For its company pension scheme Jaeger concluded framework agreements with several insurers.
We pay defined contributions into a pension plan that covers a monthly pension claim for our employees once they reach the age of retirement.

Monthly tax-free coupon redemtion

All employees receive a rechargeable, tax-free gift card with multiple uses (petrol stations, online shops, supermarkets, DIY warehouses, e.g. also IKEA and H&M). Participation in the company’s success through bonus regulations.

Participation in the company’s success through bonus regulation

Ample use is made of the possibilities for designing those benefits that are linked to the company’s success. Employees participate in the success of the company with an annual bonus. The actual amount is based on the degree to which company aims are achieved.

Company health promotion scheme

The health of our employees is important to us. Jaeger shares in the monthly fees for membership in a sports association or health club. Our employees are also entitled to take advantage of the regular consulting hours offered by our company medical officer.

On the job Jaeger provides for both ergonomic design and optimisation of workplaces.

Diverse possibilities for ongoing and advanced training courses

Employees may participate in a number of in-house and external training courses. Employees are also provided with support for continuing and advanced training or, for example, if they desire to study in addition to their work or enrol in a school for master craftspeople. Jaeger then concludes an advanced training agreement and either assumes or shares in the costs.

Fair cooperation in a family-owned company with a promising future

Our working atmosphere is shaped by a corporate culture that is both fair and friendly. Decisions are made quickly and paths of communication are short. Furthermore, Jaeger is completely financed through equity capital and is accordingly secured.