Jaeger offers web workshops on special topics related to tiling, waterproof and also for airtight sealing applications.

As this is a live event, the duration depends mainly on your questions and your interest in the topics themselves. As a rough time frame and depending on the type of workshop, we will schedule between 2 – 3 hours per event.

During this work-shop you will get an overview on basic building adhesives, definitions and applications

  • Tile adhesives C1, C2, S1, S2, 2K, FTE +++
  • 1K- / 2K-slurries
  • Liquid foil (dispersions) and applications
  • Primers

This work-shop is focused on the application of a sealing membrane system for bathrooms, kitchens, wet areas indoor, balconies and more.

  • Sealing membranes
  • Sealing tapes
  • Joints and overlaps
  • Inner/outer corners
  • Difference between sealing and uncoupling membranes
  • Application and installation details

In this workshop you will learn, how simple and easy intelligent product solutions can be applicated and installed properly – referring to German Work Standards.

  • Pipe penetrations with collars and flexi zone collars
  • Standard floor drains
  • Rectangular floor drains
  • Shower trays and corner joints
  • Shower tray tape and noise reduction
  • Cut-protection for sealing tapes
  • Application and installation details

Special workshop for decoupling solutions.

  • Why decoupling?
  • Introduction of different types of decoupling products
  • Application, installation details and waterproofing joints
  • Innovative sealing-and decoupling solutions

This workshop gives you a basic overview on airproofing and different solutions especially for windows.

  • Why airproofing?
  • Introduction of different sealing tapes
  • CFA system parts and accessories
  • Application and installation of window sealing tapes

Comprehensive waterproofing workshop for concrete joints and different applications.

  • Construction joints and waterproofing tapes
  • Products and solutions
  • Monoflex
  • Supdersoft
  • JSTO Flex???
  • Accessories
  • Welding of tapes including introduction of tools
  • Application and installation details

Comprehensive waterproofing workshop for fresh concrete.

  • Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane system: introduction – function – application
  • System parts
  • Application and installation details (pipe penetrations, pile heads etc.)

Cisco Webex Meeting and IT-requirements

You will get an invitation for the meeting via e-mail from us in advance latest 1 week before the scheduled workshop.
You don’t need to have Cisco Webex software installed on your computer – just follow the advise as you can see with that link.
Please make sure that you have a proper internet connection.
Communication during your private Web Work-Shop: Depending on the number of participants and locations we have 2 options for the communication.

Option 1: All participants – means your team – are together in one meeting room.
Switch on your microphon so that you can directly ask your questions during the workshop to our Application Technician.

Option 2: The participants are in different locations.
Please switch off microphone and camera and use the chat function for your questions. All participants can see all questions. Our Application Technician will read your questions online during the work-shop and will refer to you directly. So everybody can learn with questions.

Please make yourself familiar with the buttons and functions before the work-shop

Filming and video material:

On request Jaeger will provide a video of your private Web-Workshop in form of an uncut .mpeg file which will be recorded during the workshop. You can use that video later also for your marketing activities and for training purposes as well.

Corporate Design – marketing material:

On demand our Application Technician can wear your companies work clothing with your branding. Please provide your work clothing for our Technician on time.


Daniel Meckeler

Application Support
t+49 202 24656 36

Benjamin Zieten

Application Support
t+49 202 24656 352

Web-Workshop Inquiry

If yes please send your products to: Gebrueder Jaeger GmbH c/o Daniel Meckeler Otto-Hahn-Str. 7 42369 Wuppertal Germany Otherwise we will use unbranded products.