We Take Care of
Your Innovations.

Jaeger. From your idea all the way to the finished product.



Test Center



Develop Your Ideas.

You have a product idea. We work alongside you in a creative process to develop innovative solutions that increase your market opportunities in an economical, precise and future-proof way.

Creating Your Prototypes.

Our technical center provides our customers with all the technologies required for the development of prototypes. Quickly and easily to the desired product.

Test and Optimize Your Products.

In our extensively equipped test and application center, we test your new developments to the utmost so that maximum performance can be guaranteed in the subsequent installation situation.

Certify Your Products.

Our application technology team supports you with expert assessments, professional product training and testing in accordance with national and international requirements. Certified safety.

Producing Your Products.

Once all the steps have been completed, we produce your products for you. Fast, safe, on-demand. Many of our modern production systems are designed with redundancy for maximum production reliability.

Your Products at POS.

On request, we can also take care of packaging concepts and customized POS solutions to optimally present your products to retailers.