Tested Quality.
Safety is
the Guideline.

We test our tried-and-tested products and new developments to the utmost in our test center. For maximum performance and safety in the subsequent installation situation.

Laboratory Tests.

Do you want to carry out a technical assessment of one of your products or a competitor’s product? Put together your test programme from our catalogue. We test according to the current standards.

Customer-specific Tests.

There are still no standards or standardized tests for many properties. We propose customized solutions for analyzing unregulated properties.

External Tests and Approvals.

In order to be able to implement AiV in Germany in accordance with standards, proof of an ETA or an AbP must be provided. Jaeger components are part of the AiV systems.

Test Certificates.

Do you need test certificates or approvals from neutral testing institutes? We can put you in touch with the right institutes and contacts and help you and help you commission the tests and analyze the results.