Technical Centre.
Piloting under
real Conditions.

Our Technology Centre provides our customers with all the technologies which they require to develop innovative products. Be our guest and partner and carry out your development with us.

Realizing Ideas.

You have an idea for a product and want to take part in its development and directly influence its features. In our Technology Centre you have the opportunity to implement your innovative ideas in a product which is ready for series production.

New Technologies.

If new technologies are not available, the Technology Center provides an opportunity to set these up with test devices or in cooperation with our Engineering department.

Fast and Near-series Production.

Rapid realization of customer wishes: We can implement some product ideas even during your first visit. In our Technology Centre we offer laboratory facilities which are close to series production conditions and can rapidly produce samples without long scheduling times.

Small Appliance Technology Center.

In addition to practical equipment, we have a wide range of technologies for all possible applications in our small equipment technology center. E.g. plasma devices, 3D printers, robots and much more.